DEPTH is a game where you are tasked with falling to the center of the earth. You have to solve puzzles in each level to go down more. There is also a return mode, where you must get as high as you can and don't fall off the screen. The character's name is Zach. The DEPTH Movie is partially based off this. It is a puzzle/adventure game. Rating E10+

Stuff(Obstacles and Puzzle things)

Item- Description in game

Push Block- It's Pushable!

Recharger- Electric Charging Station.

Lava- Don't Touch!

Lightning Pad- It's Electrocutinous!

Charge Block- Charge It!

Bomb- BOOM!!!

Button- Push It! Push It Real Good!

Lever- Pullable!

Slip Pad- Don't Slip, Now!

Gear- Grind!

Laser Beamer- Lllllaaaaaasssssseeeeerrrrrzzzz!!!!!

Fuse- Light it, no one will know....

Compressed Death- It freakin' kills you!

Rocket- It's a rocket, what is there to say?


Walker- Your basic enemy.


Dangerous Murderer- His name is misleading, he's actually very nice.