Episode 1: The Starting

<A world explodes and the Div3000's are stuck on an island>

Flinn: Umm, What is this place?

Maxe: Well, to my thinking this is a planet called Earth.

Flinn and Gwapo: COOL!

Yorker: We need to survive here.

Gwapo: You're right. We need a house.

Yorker: Gwapo you go on that side. Flinn, you go there. Me and Maxe will search there for items.

Flinn and Gwapo: Ok.

<Where Flinn is>

Flinn: We don't find anything much on Earth. Do we?

Flinn: Well I'm searching a little closer there.

Flinn: EPIC! I found SOME.... leaves.

Flinn: How would leaves help? I'll collect it anyways.

<Where Gwapo is>

Gwapo: What do we need? Sticks?

Gwapo: I guess so I'll pick it up.

Gwapo: (Snaps one in half) Oh no! Gotta go collecting more!

<Where Yorker and Maxe is>

Yorker: Hey Maxe! Do we need these red-ish brown hard things?

Maxe: Let me see. (Checks on his pad) These are bricks! They are very strong and usually are built in HOUSES!

Yorker: Its too heavy.

Maxe: I've got a wheelbarrow for that.

Yorker: Good.

<They all meet at a place>

Flinn: Yorker, I've got leaves.

Yorker: Good. We can use them as windows.

Gwapo: I've got sticks that aren't sticky at all!

Yorker: Beavers use them to build their house as the main part.

Maxe: Me and Yorker have got these bricks to layer over the sticks.

Yorker: Let's start building!

Flinn: Wait, where's our roof?