Welcome to "into the dark" this game is based on surviving all sorts of stuff that will appear. The person you play as doesn't have a name but is right now named "Macheal Leckoy". Will you die over and over again? Or will you win the game?


The Into The Dark game has stuff you need to read before continuing.

Z = Inspect|X = Run|Wasd/up down left right = move|Q = check watch|T = open/close|C = flash light.

Into the dark last for 8 minutes but in game it will seem like 8 hours due to the watch which is still right. There right now 7 enemy's in game. On the top right is your flash light power restore your power by collecting battery's all around the map. Under the power meter is your water and food what these have to do in the game is if your hungry you can't run and if your thirsty your insanity will kick in. Insanity will go away in a few minutes after drinking.

Hour 1

Cutscene and exploring the place with no monsters to chase you.

Hour 2

First monster appears.

Hour 3

Phone call,Second monster appears.

Hour 4

The place gets more darker.

Hour 5

3rd and 4th monster appears.

Hour 6

5th monster appears,Another phone call.

Hour 7

Final monster appears,The flashlight breaks.

Hour 8

You win,screen goes dark and a photo of the character getting in her car,phone call (cuts half way through).

Secrets (Trivia)

  • A monster is not mentioned in the hours and it stalks you around no matter what you do if you look up you only get a glimps of what it is.
  • If you beaten the game enough times (7 times) a secret ending pops up.
  • If you get a glimps of the monster enough times it will crash your game.
  • Theres a rare chance were instead of the 7th monster leaving it will freeze the computer for a minute and it says this (Don't you remember about all of this?) in blood.
  • By the map burning its most likly they burned and died...

Secret Ending

The map goes black and the map from far away you can see it burning and after awhile it goes black and the game crashes. You open the game again and all you hear is a phone call about that monster and then it jump scares you and then you can play game normally and you will never hear it again.