Puffy: (Unlock by defeating 10 Mushroom Men)

Shoots Puffs that do half a damage.

Fumer: (Unlock by defeating 29 Mushroom Men)

Shoots Fumes that do 2 damage.

Sunny: (Unlock by defeating 15 Green Goblins)

Produces sun bombs to wreck enemies with 4 damage.

Magneto: (Unlock by defeating 34 Metal Makers)

Pulls enemies' metal.

Ice Bolt: (Unlock by defeating 20 Ice Golems)

Freezes enemies and does 1 and half damage.

Chernobyl: (Unlock by defeating 30 Kaboomers)

Expoldes enemies but gives zombies a boost where its crater is.

Pultster: (Unlock by defeating 27 Rotten Fungi)

Lobs some mushrooms.

Red Little: (Unlock by defeating 10 Hoverbikes)

Shoots flying enemies that does 2 damage.

Green Little: (Unlock by defeating 10 Smash Golems)

Shoots low ones but does 3 damage.

Multiplier: (Unlock by defeating 20 Spore Trolls)

Kills a zombies and then creates another multiplier.

Frog Head: (Unlock by defeating 5 Chomp Creatures)

Gobbles an enemy and produces sun bombs to collect.

Dart Gun: (Unlock by defeating 10 Dart Throwers)

Tap on mushroom to shoot darts at enemies which kill them instant.

Spinner: (Unlock by defeating 10 Spinsters)

Tap on it to spin, dealing damage

Blade: (Unlock by defeating 50 Mushroom Men)

Slices all enemies 2 tiles away

Sky: (Unlock by defeating 25 Hoverbikes)

Hovers above enemies and drops spores on them

Titanium: (Unlock by defeating 100 Mushroom Men)

Blocks enemies

Stomper: (Unlock by defeating 10 Crusher-Bots)

Takes ten seconds to crush enemies

Fling Master: (Unlock by defeating 10 Paratroopers)

Flings enemies but only 3x

Smell Good: (Unlock by defeating 129 Mushroom Men)

Attracts enemies 3x3 and shoots faster. Otherwise normal.

Tomberen: (Unlock by defeating 66 Green Goblins)

Destroys hard tombs only.

Resistor: (Unlock by defeating 82 Spinsters)

Absorbs 6 pushes.

Weasly Wimp: (Unlock by defeating 41 Hoverbikes)

Shoots spores that do 1.5 damage but hides when enemy is near.

Zap (Unlock by defeating 100 Zap-Zombies)

Shoots lasers at enemies

Tunneler (Unlock by defeating 10 Mine Men)

Mines holes to attack underground ones

Cyber (Unlock by defeating 100 Crusher Bots)

Shoots lasers at long range and claws enemies at short range

Meta (Unlock by defeating 150 Crusher Bots)

Crawls towards enemies, shooting them

Star (Unlock by defeating 10 Starships)

Flies at enemies, lobbing stars


  • Lawn
  • Pool
  • Roof
  • Castle